Our Services

We are constantly researching the current trends in the beauty scene in order to collect data and information about customer behavior as well as average prices of the products.

With the help of your ideas and our many years of experience, we create marketable products together and design innovative packaging for them.

The products designed / approved by you are finally put into production & manufactured according to cosmetics GMP rules.

Together with you, we develop a sophisticated strategy which will define the figurehead of your brand. This approach will also help you to differentiate yourself from other brands and to be able to stand out with your products.

We store your products properly and protected from damage in our warehouse. We then send the orders from our warehouse directly to your customers.

Good products also need good photos to stand out. To produce relevant images you need professional photographer but also appropriate models. In this way, you support sales and get photos / videos ready for your website and social media accounts immediately.

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